Why Governments Will Accept YEM As Fiat Substitute

Updated: CONFIDENCE IN YEM 3.1 link is added at the end of the page. Check it now.

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With the onset of various governments planning to create their own digital currencies, this long read tackles the special features of the digital money called Rainbow Currency with trading symbol YEM.

These special features of YEM make it fully-compliant to any government digital currency regulations. It’s probably won’t be long enough before the world will finally know and accept it as real substitute for fiat money and possibly even as a legal tender.

The Rainbow Currency (YEM) was founded in 2017 as a counter concept to Bitcoin and practically all other so-called crypto currencies. The only common feature is the underlying technology of the blockchain as infrastructure.

In order to understand the specifics of the YEM, it is necessary to look at the market of conventional crypto currencies.

Tens of thousands of crypto currencies have been released worldwide, about 50% of them are fraudulent and…

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