Setup Your New Safezone (SZ) Account

This is your guide on how to maximize the use and power of your Safezone account. Take note that you only need one same email, password and Master Pin to login to any of the Safezone websites.

The image above is how your Safezone Pass homepage will look like after you have successfully done all the requirements of each hexagon.

A number of updates related to the SafeZone Pass and also in the whole network have been done, and all these to make the whole process a lot smoother and easier for everyone.

These updates have been done so that it can become easier for everyone and also to give you more options. Safezone loves to use your INFLUENCE; to take everyone’s feedback and to put that into place wherever possible. Of course, it has to make good business sense, as after all, Safezone is a business. But at the same time, SZ is a member-driven company, INFLUENCE being one of our core values! 

As announced back in April, the SafeZone Pass site launched with the Verified SafeZone Pass, and since SZ is a evolutionary type of company, things are created piece at a time, and then it comes to a point where a lot of pieces can be integrated together and then we evolve into a new way of being. And really, that’s the case for all of us as humans, and the same goes for the company. 

From the image above: Welcome to the SafeZone!
Your SafeZone Pass is your key to log in at participating websites,
and to identify yourself at participating shops.
You’ll never need to share your data again within our network once you have set up your SafeZone Pass. Simply complete your signup process by clicking the yellow Hexagon

Now, this is going to affect a number of different things, so it is important for you to pay attention here. You will see that there are a couple of differences especially when you are inviting new members. 

Previously, when inviting new members, they would go through the quick sign-up process. Then when they logged in the very first time officially, they would land on the page where they signed up from (that’s how it was previously).

We have many different so-called entry gates into our network, and it all depends on how each individual member wants to participate and have fun within our network. So, this gives a lot of options when you’re talking to people, and especially when you are enjoying our network.

Now, with this update, as a new member, you will do the following: 

First, when you log in for the first time after going through the quick signup process, you will start on this page – where you will have some more information, details, and options right away to customize your membership depending on what you want to do. 

You see hexagons on the above image. Remember, during the signup process, you set up right away 3 pieces of information: 

  • You received your PerNum
  • You set your Password 
  • You set up your Master PIN

So, everyone will always see these first 3 hexagons GREEN after they first join. Now, the next one you see in yellow, is MEMBERSHIP TYPE. 

When you click on that hexagon, you will see some information about your membership status.

Previously, we’ve had 3 membership status options (General, Creative and Business), and now upgraded to 4! This is to provide for both businesses and non-profit members a separate selection; so, you can now choose from the following:

From the image above: SELECT YOUR MEMBER STATUS

In the SafeZone, we have 4 different membership types:

As a general member, you join as an individual.

As a business member, your account is for a specific registered business.

As a creative member, you want to monetize your art, for example music, video, or writing under an artist name.

As a non-profit member, your account represents a registered non-profit organization with tax exemption.

Please select the correct membership type:

From this list, you will select your membership type and confirm with your one-time PIN.

Now, you need to know that it is not mandatory to go through every hexagon you find at However, what you will have to set up right away before you proceed (apart from your PerNum, Password, Master PIN), is your MEMBERSHIP TYPE. Do choose your membership type wisely as it cannot be changed later except for certain circumstances as it will be explained further in a moment.

As we continue to evolve in our network, your Membership Type will determine how you will interact with various websites as some websites will be geared for a specific purpose, such as for a Creative membership; there will be some updates about that very soon. Keep your eye out as a lot of things are planned. Likewise, with a Business membership, a lot of things are in the works for it, too.

So, depending on how you choose your Membership Type, your status will determine how you interact with certain websites. So, do be aware of that when choosing your Membership Type. And, while on the topic of Membership Type, you also need to know that, even though previously it was allowed to change Membership Type in some instances, now as it will be more integrated within our network, once you select your Membership Type, you will NOT be able to changed it anymore!

And, right now, especially with some of Business Members, that some of those with a chosen Business Membership type should be a non-profit one, so with those types of things, there will be an ability to change; otherwise though, once you make your selection you will NOT be able to change it. So, be aware of those changes.

Another important thing to understand is that you will need to ACTIVATE YOUR WALLET before you can view and interact with your PerNum Wallet, so that is also a good idea to set up right away as well before exploring the SafeZone network websites.

So, once you decide what kind of membership your account is for, then that hexagon turns green and your next hexagon will turn yellow. So, you see, that makes it all super easy, just follow the yellow hexagon depending on what you want to do.

All the other hexagons that are red, are not accessible yet until you complete the yellow hexagon prior to them. So each red hexagon will turn yellow once its turn is completed.

So, once you chose your membership type, the next you will see yellow is your ACTIVATE WALLET hexagon. Now this is the exact same process all the hexagons follow and if you scroll down, you’ll see that there are a number of other hexagons waiting after ACTIVATE WALLET.

Then you click on ACTIVATE WALLET. Previously, this would be what you would have had to do for your PerNum Wallet at, but now, you’ll do it right here at

As a Welcome Bonus, you received latest FREE YEM signup bonus amount credited to your personal wallet. YEM is the digital currency for the SafeZone and can be used for shopping at participating websites. You can collect more FREE YEM for activities within the SafeZone, e.g. as a prize at one of our daily prize draws. Additionally, you can collect commissions and Family Bonuses for inviting other free members and for participating at our affiliate program ‘We Share Success’.
By law the company needs to know who you are and that you are of legal age to participate. Please set up your personal profile to activate your wallet.

As you can see, by setting up your personal profile you will activate your PerNum Wallet. Now, while this image does say 20 FREE YEM, as the value of YEM rises, the number of this FREE YEM bonus will also be reduced, however it will stay at a good value at the same time. So periodically, that FREE YEM bonus will be adjusted as needed.

All you have to do is click the button, ACTIVATE YOUR WALLET, and then you’ll see a very simple form on which to enter all of your details.

Enter your name, address, (your email will already be noted because you signed up for an account using your email address)

…then your date of birth, phone number, and click SUBMIT. 

Generally speaking, the information in your Profile is not shared publicly unless you are specifically shown where it is shared publicly; it is used for internal purposes, just to fulfill whatever it is needed for, like for providing products, services, KYC/AML, and stuff like that throughout the network. Utmost care is done as possible to give you the most privacy and control over how your data is shared. So, do keep that in mind.

After the SUBMIT button, you will see this selection for your country for tax purposes.

From the image above: ACTIVATE WALLET
Some transactions as well as commissions, bonuses, and rewards received might be taxable. Thus, SZ needs to know the country where you pay taxes to display the correct value.

The company doesn’t necessarily charge tax straight away unless it is specifically noted, however because of how the TwnklChain works, your tax country’s currency value is noted on every transaction for your convenience, so that way it’s easy for you to keep track for tax purposes. Select the country that you would file your taxes in and that you want to be linked to with your PerNum Wallet; then click SUBMIT and you are done with that. 

Next, you’ll see the ACTIVATE WALLET yellow hexagon turn into your PROFILE green hexagon. This is because once you have entered all the details necessary to activate your wallet, you activate your wallet and you have also set up your personal Profile at the same time. So the “new” PROFILE hexagon turns green with a blue link that says ”change”, which means that if you come back to this hexagon you will be able to change your profile details. 

For example, you will see that there is a change link under PASSWORD. So, if you want to change your password, you will come here…

…you can see on this image above, it’s very easy and simple to change your password.

Here we have the ability to change your Master PIN. 

While it’s not recommended to change your Master PIN on a whim, there are times and situations when perhaps the number becomes compromised or whatever the case is; in such case it’s now recommended to change your Master PIN. Of course, you still need to enter the Master PIN you had previously. So, if you’ve forgotten your Master PIN, then this is not going to help you; if so, you’ll need to contact SafeZone Support. However, if you know your Master PIN and you want to change it because of security purposes or something, you can easily do that here.

The process is simple, you will just enter your current one-tim PIN and then enter a new Master PIN, confirm it, and click SUBMIT. Then your new Master PIN will be activated and your old Master PIN will be deleted, so do be aware of that. Please keep in mind that it cannot be changed without your current Master PIN.

Remember, when you’re setting up a Master PIN, make it a bit different from any other number that is associated with you, like avoid your birthday, or a simple combination in consecutive order like 123456 – that is really stupid, don’t do that; consecutive numbers are the most insecure of all! 

Take a little effort and think of a completely new number; it will become familiar over time; the more you use it, the more you’ll remember it. Write it down in a safe place so that way when you need to use it, you can look at that number, and over time you’ll remember it; so keep it safe and do be smart about what number you pick.  

The good thing is, that if you did pick a number that was not so secure, then you can easily change it and make it more secure, which is recommended.

Your PRIVACY LEVEL is the next yellow hexagon you will see after you complete your Profile. This will determine how your information will be displayed, such as when you invite a new member, and other places around the network (be aware WazzUb actually has even more specific settings and options for your Profile and public sharing, as it is the social community area of our network so those options are separately done on, along with additional messaging options as it is the place where you connect with other members).

After clicking the PRIVACY LEVEL hexagon…

From the image above: STEP 3: SELECT YOUR PRIVACY LEVEL
You decide how you present yourself within the SafeZone. You choose if you want to have your real name or your PerNum displayed in communication with other members, and you decide if a profile picture of you or a default pic is displayed when you decide to publicly communicate with others.
If you are not sure, select DISPLAY MY PERNUM for now. You can change your settings later.

…you will see 3 options for your name display within the SafeZone. So, you can choose to:

  • Display my first name
  • Display my full name
  • Display my PerNum

With this Privacy setting, you can choose to make changes later, so if you decide you want to change from your PerNum to your first or full name, whatever, the choice is up to you. It’s very simple and easy to locate and change, no need to go through tons of menus trying to find privacy settings, it’s all right here.

As new things are added, of course, they will be put in this area as it makes sense, and also, it keeps everything simple and easy to find for you going forward.

So, after you set your PRIVACY LEVEL, click NEXT…

…and you’ll see your selection is green on what you chose (for example in this image above, the Display my PerNum is chosen).

And after PRIVACY LEVEL, the next hexagon that shows yellow is PROFILE PICTURE.

You decide how you present yourself within the SafeZone. You choose if you want to have your real name or your PerNum displayed in communication with other members, and you decide if a profile picture of you or a default pic is displayed when you decide to publicly communicate with others.
If you do not select a profile picture, the SafeZone Seal will be displayed by default.

You’ll see that you have a few choices to select from. There are 3 options:

  • to upload a new picture
  • to select a default picture of a man or woman
  • the SafeZone Seal

As you’ll see in the image above, the SafeZone Seal will be displayed by default, so if you don’t click this hexagon at all, your picture will appear as just the SafeZone Seal. All these are privacy focused for you right from the very beginning. This is what we call privacy by design, that is how things are done in the SafeZone.

You will see a green border around what you choose for your PROFILE PICTURE, and if you upload your own photo of yourself you will see it display with a green box around it when you select it. After you set your PROFILE PICTURE hexagon up, it will turn green.

Now, in some cases, depending on what you have already selected (this is for all current members), if you have your PoI (Proof of Identity) or PoA (Proof of Address) uploaded already, you will see the LIFT LIMITS hexagon (shown red in the image above)

…will be showing green right away as the POI/POA hexagon, because you have already completed that action of Lifting Limits.

Even so, still go in and check that all your information are correct and make any changes as needed. And of course, the LIFT LIMITS hexagon will be yellow if you have not done that action before. So, when you click on it, you will see…

From the image above: STEP 5: LIFT YOUR LIMITS

If you want to cash out any fiat currency and/or you want to make transactions bigger than a value of US$100 (yearly limit USD1,000) within the SafeZone, you need to lift your limits by uploading a Proof of Address (PoA) and a Proof of Identity (PoI). Once you have completed the upload, your limit will be lifted to a value of US$200 (yearly limit USD2,000) for cashing out any fiat currency and/or transactions you make within the SafeZone. If you need more, then Go Unlimited after lifting your limit. That is all linked together for you very easily and conveniently in one place.

You will see this page (in the image above) when your PoI and PoA is uploaded. However, it is very easy and very simple to upload your PoI and PoA documents if you have not uploaded them. The buttons would say UPLOAD if you haven’t uploaded them instead of CHANGE/VIEW POA/POI if already uploaded previously; it’s all very straightforward and easy.

The main purpose of lifting your limits is if you want to cash out any fiat currency and/or you want to make any transactions bigger than the value of US$100 (yearly limit of US$1,000) within the SafeZone.

Once you have completed the uploads, your limit will be lifted to a value of US$200 (yearly limit of US$2,000). If you need more, then you can GO UNLIMITED after lifting your limit. Keep in mind, even if you plan to GO UNLIMITED, you need to do this stage of lifting your limits first.

There are a lot of things you can do without the need to upload your PoI and PoA documents. However, if you want to GO UNLIMITED, then you must do this part first before proceeding. The system is designed to NOT let you proceed unless you have done these things first; it’s there to make it simple and to make sure that everything is done accordingly.

If you have already uploaded the needed documents, but you need to review them and/or re-upload them, then click on CHANGE/VIEW POA/POI, and you will see this page below.

If you need to upload a new document, then you just click on the little “file” picture to upload. You will need to confirm your action with your one-time PIN.

At the bottom, you can enter your PIN to view your PoI and make sure all is well, or if it needs to be re-uploaded. Simply upload a new file if you need to update it.

And the same goes for the PoA document.

Once you’ve done all that, then you can choose to GO UNLIMITED

…which is actually the Verified SafeZone Pass.

From the image above: STEP 6: GO UNLIMITED

For unlimited access to all financial services and for unlimited transactions within the SafeZone, you need to go through a bank-level KYC/AML process, which is provided by IDnow, the leading international provider of customer identification services. The cost for this procedure is US$10 and cannot be refunded if you do not pass the identification, but when you are successful you will receive a bonus of 20 FREE YEM (a US$… value) credited to your personal wallet.

Be aware before proceeding that your info provided to IDnow must match 100% with your info on your SafeZone account. Please go back above to make any changes needed before continuing. If your personal data changes later, you will need to re-verify your account.

So to get verified, click on the button GET VERIFIED at the bottom, and it will take you here:

This is the Verified SafeZone Pass process, as a quick recap…

Step 1 just reminds you that the rule is that the information in your Profile must match 100% with the information you will provide to IDnow.

So if you need to go back and change your data, here you can click the X in the upper right corner or you can click the blue “profile” link.

Step 2 is where you choose your payment method. PayPal payments are generally more instant types of processes, but again it depends on how you pay through PayPal as to how long that process will take, since they accept different types of payments. Any other payment that is not through a credit card or your PayPal balance, might take a longer time to be processed.

Step 3 is the process you need to go through with IDnow. At the top of the page you have a link to a Wazzub post where you will find more info about the whole process others have already went through. Important about the process is that when you do click on the GO button, make sure you have the required document available, that you have good lighting in the room where you are at, because the application will have to capture a clean image of the required document, including security details, (so you will need to show it on the camera), as well as be ready for a selfie. Also make sure you are in a quiet location and that you have plenty of power for whatever device you are using, as well as make sure you are free in that particular time and that you won’t be interrupted. So plan ahead. If you have all set up well, it might take you just a few minutes to finish up the whole process. This is just some friendly advice based from all the feedbacks received on the matter.

Some members have some challenges with the verification process, but rest assured that the Support Team is on top of it. There are also some technical challenges still being worked on, so rest assured, the team is working very hard to overcome all the obstacles and is doing it as quickly as possible. Generally speaking most people, especially when they take this process seriously and enter the correct info the first time, have no issues getting verified in a reasonable amount of time.

If you choose to GO UNLIMITED, you will see your status in that last hexagon changed from STATUS UNVERIFIED to a green VERIFIED hexagon when you have been successfully verified at IDnow.

This is the place where you go to check – After you go to IDnow, you come back here and it will tell you how successful you were. You will get a message from IDnow telling you that you have completed your Verification successfully (meaning you finished the process with them, not the results of that process) and that your service provider will give you an update (in this case the Safezone), which is right here on this website (that last hexagon). You don’t have to wait for somebody to contact you, just come here and you will see what the results were from your Verification. Now, this will take a couple of minutes sometimes for the results to be sent to our system, so just refresh that and check back to see what your status is, which will be displayed there in that hexagon.

Now, the biggest question we’re sure you all have is, “I invited someone to play PrizeMania, but now they’re going to SafeZone Pass, and they don’t know anything about SafeZone Pass, so how are they going to find out about PrizeMania?”

Well, a very simple solution to help you with that query is right here.

Once you customize your account as you want, you will see a number of other hexagons below when you scroll down, which will allow you to easily get to various different sites around the SafeZone. To access some popular websites within the SafeZone network, all you need to do is scroll down on and you will see…

…many of the most popular ones are easily accessible right away. So, when you are inviting new people, you can simply tell them to click the site they want to visit right there on the page after they set up their account.

It really does streamline the process; both, when you are inviting others and, as well, when you just want to update your information. It’s a lot easier this way with the Verified SafeZone Pass and everything else, such as all your personal information and choices, your privacy selections, and stuff like that, altogether on one page.

Things are kept organized, convenient, easy and smooth, and as mentioned earlier with our evolutionary type of company, we’re always evolving and inventing new things, utilizing new ideas, creating new partnerships, offering new services and products to everyone, and as we continue to grow, we have really set a good foundation with our SafeZone as a whole, so that way we can easily grow for the next many decades.

Depending on what we decide to do, maybe we’ll change it again, come up with something new when it gets to a certain degree, but we believe that with what we’ve been doing, it has been really great, and it will allow us to have the FREEDOM to evolve in a way that we all want, based on of course, our membership INFLUENCE, which is all really fantastic!

So as seen in the image above, if you want to go to PRIZEMANIA, you can click that and go there, or you want to check out PERNUM, you can click that and go there, or click the SafeZone shield (which obviously is the SafeZone) where all the hexagons are linked. You can see WeShareSuccess (for our affiliate program), and then of course, some of our popular websites, such as, TwnklEstate, IVC (International Vacation Club), MoneyPon, WazzUb (where you should go for all your updates to get the latest information), TwnklShop, IBookSmarter and TwnklCars.

With that, again welcome to the Safezone! For anything you want to know more, don’t forget to visit our Wazzub! And you can read the Webinar Recaps, too…

Reference: Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights, July 20, 2020, Presented by Cate Kozikowski

Update: New Membership Features


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